Rummy holds a special place in the world of playing cards, especially in Indian households.

Rummy holds a special place in the world of playing cards, especially in Indian households. Different cultures have taken advantage of the flexible structure of this game and have modified it, leading to several exciting rummy variations for the players to choose from. It is an enthralling game with a distinctive charm that it brings along. By the virtual of the World Wide Web and its availability across the world, online rummy is gaining popularity among players. It stands out among all its counterparts and rules the hearts of gambling lovers.

If you are interested in knowing all about rummy and its variants, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive right in!


The most popular preposition about rummy is that it evolved from ‘Conquian’, a card game that originated in Spain or Mexico. It is widely believed that the Spanish people invented it. Following this, the game was introduced to America by Spanish migrants. They are believed to have spread it throughout the American market during the nineteenth century. Another belief states that the game was originated in either Europe or North America.

Yet another notion linked the origin of the game to Asia. A card game known as ‘Mahjong’ existed in China almost a thousand years ago which was played with the same pick and drop style as the modern-day rummy. Years later, In the nineteenth century, the same game was reinvented and was named as ‘Khanhoo’ and ‘Kon Khin’. One theory states that the modern variation of the game evolved from the Japanese game ‘Hanafuda’. It is said to have been developed by the Portuguese who traveled to Japan.

We’re not done yet.

There is one surmise which speculates that a format of Poker called Whiskey Poker has been evolved into rummy. It is believed that the game was quite similar to modern rummy. In the years following the development of the game, it was known as Rum Poker and finally rummy.

It is said that the word ‘rummy’ has been derived from the word ‘rum’. It is actually British slang for odd, peculiar, or strange. It might be the initial way the British perceived the game. It is also said that the name is inspired by the alcoholic beverage rum since in the early days, the defeated player was supposed to pay for the next round of drinks for everyone playing- why not!

Playing Rummy Online

Online Rummy is quite a simple yet exciting card game. It requires the player to meld the cards into valid sequences and sets. Despite several variations of the game available and popularly enjoyed across the world, the basic rules of the game are the same. Rummy falls in the category of ‘games of skill’ and in fact has been legalized for that very reason in most of the Indian states. Both online and offline rummy formats are legal in most states of India. Here are the different formats through which you can play this game online:

  • Downloading Rummy Software and use it to play online on your computer or laptop
  • Download an online casino or rummy-specific application on your smartphone
  • Play via your computer or laptop on a rummy website
  • Play via your smartphone’s web browser

Moving on to the process of playing rummy on any online casino:

  • Step 1: Find out your favorite casino that offers roulette. You can check our reviews to get this information. Create an account with only your valid credentials. (False credentials WILL bar you from cashing out)
  • Step 2: Visit the payment page and fund your account with the playing amount for your game.
  • Step 3: Find your favorite rummy game variation in the lobby and join the table. If you have any casino bonuses, check if they can be used on the game you are playing
  • Step 4: Your winnings will automatically be credited to your account balance. You can use the balance to play some more games. Alternatively, you can head to withdraw the amount. Check the withdrawal policy of the casino and make sure you don’t have any active bonuses before you cash out your winnings.

Rummy Game Variations

There are a whole lot of games that have come from the stem card game of rummy. Let’s check out the most popular ones available online!

Points Rummy

Points rummy is an easy and quick variant that generally finishes in a few rounds. In this game, points have a pre-decided value of the rupee. Regardless of the number of opponents you are playing with, the speed at which cards are played to form sequences and sets is extremely fast.

Pool Rummy

This variant has a nostalgic element linked with it. The rules remain the same as the generic offline pool rummy, but the thrill is everything it used to be and beyond. All the players on the table pool in their bets and the winner get it all. However, remember to avoid reaching the score of 101 or 201, depending on the game you play. These scores will get you eliminated from the game. This variant has an interesting split feature wherein the remaining players in the game have the option of splitting the pool amount on the basis of drops remaining for each player.

Deals Rummy

This variant is appropriate for those who like skill-based challenges and playing rummy. This game calls for playing with virtual chips. In a complete sense, the gaming experience with this variant is fun and entertaining. The number of deals is pre-decided and the chips are distributed. The person with the most number of chips at the end wins the game. It is a long game but is equally fun.

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