Teen Patti

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is an extremely popular game among Indian gamblers.

Teen Patti is an extremely popular cash game among Indian gamblers. It is essentially an indigenous mix of Poker and Three-Card Brag. It is generally played with money involved and is enjoyed by people of all age groups. Today this game is earning a global fandom through its availability on online casinos.

This card game is not solely for gambling enthusiasts but is also enjoyed as a family card game during festivities and occasions. Indian families who enjoy playing card games together are most likely to play it during the festival of Diwali or wedding gatherings.

If you want to know the ABC’s of this game, you’ve reached the right spot! Here we have all the information about Teen Patti!

Let’s get started!

About the Game

This card game originated in India, hence the Indian name ‘Teen Patti’. The name of this game literally translates to ‘Three Cards’ or its English counterpart game of ‘Three-Card Brag’. Both these games have been influenced by ‘poker’. It is also known as ‘Flush’ or ‘Flash. It is primarily a gambling or casino card game but is enjoyed equally by Indian families. It is played using the standard deck of 52 cards, minus the jokers.

Since gambling is banned in India, it is illegal to play it in casinos or outdoors. The ban along with high-speed internet and the increasing popularity of smartphones, this game is now available on online platforms. This led to a great increase in its popularity since now players can access it anywhere via their cellular devices and have a range of variations they can choose from on online casinos.

Rules of Game

This game is usually played among 3 to 6 players and the maximum number of players is 10. A standard deck of cards is used for the match. Let’s get into the rules of the game.

  • The game starts with placing a bet. Before the cards are distributed, there needs to be a betting amount mutually decided by the players. This is known as the ‘boot’ and is the minimum amount at stake for the initiation of the game.
  • The amount is then collected from each player and kept in a pot that goes in the center of the table or playing zone.
  • Once the boot is in place, each player gets 3 cards to face down.
  • After the cards are dealt, the first player makes a ‘call’ or a ‘raise’. When you will play your turn but not increase the bet, it is known as a call. A raise refers to adding money to the initial ‘boot’ amount, willing to win or lose more than the boot amount.
  • It should be kept in mind that in Teen Patti, the bets are in equal amounts, unlike poker. This means if you make a bet of 4 coins and another player raises to 8, you will need to place an additional 8 coins instead of 4 to the previous 4.
  • This is how the game progresses, always clockwise. Further in the game, the initial bet amount multiplies and is finally won by the person who beats everyone else with the best or highest hand according to the rules.

The goal of the game is to have the top 3-card hand along with increasing the pot before the end of the game. In Teen Patti, Aces are of the highest ranks and 2 is the lowest. The card rankings in descending order are:

  • Trail or set (three cards of the same rank)
  • Pure sequence or Straight Flush (three consecutive cards of the same suit)
  • Sequence or run (Consecutive cards of different suits)
  • Color (three non-consecutive cards of the same suit)
  • Pair (two cards of the same rank, highest rank wins)
  • High card (none of the other sets are made. The highest or second-highest card will decide the winner)

Strategies for a Win!

  • Play Blind: While playing blind, you cannot see your cards while placing bets. This ends up really confusing your opponent and at the same time increases the pot amount tremendously. If the players who have seen their cards have a weak hand, you have an upper hand in the game even when you don’t know your cards. Moreover, you can see your cards at any point in the game so that’s not much of a hassle in the long run either.
  • Place Bets: You should place bets even if you don’t have a strong hand, but make sure it is linked with the relative strength of your cards. This is useful for bluffing and making your opponents overestimate your cards. With this, they may end up folding their cards.
  • Slideshow: If you are border-line sure that you have a better hand than your opponent, this is your way to go. This is to be done once you place your bet and only when the player is not playing blind. When you call for a slideshow, the last person who placed the bet will show you his hand. This allows you to compare your hand with the opponent and the one with greater hand plays next. It is also helpful in deciding whether or not is it worth continuing the game further.
  • Gesture Reading: During the course of the game, players often let their expressions and gestures speak volumes about their cards. This can tell you a lot about the hand of your opponents and prevent you from making mistakes. Closely observe the expressions, playing pattern, body language, and gestures of each of your opponents and know just what is in their minds.
  • Pack and Fold: Patience and intuition is the key to success in this game. If it feels like you don’t really have the best chances at winning, fold the cards. This means you don’t have to add any more chips in the pot during that particular hand. You can save any further losses.

If you enjoy card games and want something enthralling to play, this is a must-try. Find your favorite casino and start playing!

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